Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants as part of the network MAGNET – Migrant Acceleration for Growth – Network for Entrepreneurship Training presents to your attention a webinar on the problems of migrant entrepreneurs and the support they need.



The webinar is part of the MAGNET project – Migrant Acceleration for Growth – Network for Entrepreneurship Training, which VUZF is implementing together with partner organizations from the EU, aiming to create a sustainable network to support the entrepreneurship of migrants.



The main speakers of the event are Prof. Dr. Daniela Bobeva and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Radostin Vazov, project leaders, lecturers at VUZF, as the main topics that will be covered are:

∙ Results of the project so far and where and what can be found on the topic of migrant entrepreneurship.

∙ Migrant entrepreneurship training – challenges and solutions.

∙ Legal framework and financing of migrant entrepreneurship.

∙ Perspectives and challenges for migration in connection with the so-called Green deal.

∙ Challenges related to Covid-19, as well as topics for future projects.



The event will take place on July 21, 2020 from 10.30 am to 11.30 am on Google Meet platform at the following link: meet.google.com/qzj-qjmb-vtg..


Anyone who wishes to participate in the free webinar can do so by pre-expressing their wish by July 20 by e-mail: mkamenov@vuzf.bg.