We present to your attention the Third issue of the Academic Bulletin “Refugees: Today and Tomorrow”.

The third issue of the Academic bulletin: “Refugees: today and tomorrow” is devoted to the topic of education of asylum seekers and refugees in Bulgaria. The thematic main article explores thoroughly the latest developments and achievements in the school system in Bulgaria, along with educational opportunities in higher education and those for adults. The analysis draws an important conclusion that the Bulgarian education system has moved the focus from access to education for all refugee children which has already been accomplished to the quality of education refugee children receive in the Bulgarian schools. This improvement is backed up by the experience shared in the interviews with the two education experts from the Ministry of Education and Sciences and the Regional Management of Education for the city of Sofia. Beside the experience with education integration in Sofia, two articles explore the situation in the town of Harmanli and the villages around and the education endeavours of school directors, teachers, local organizations and refugee communities there, all supporting the education of the refugee children in the region through formal education in the schools and non-formal in the refugee center. The bulletin breaks the news of the establishment of the Association of teachers of Bulgarian language as a foreign language.  Teaching and learning Bulgarian as a key factor for integration is also presented from the experience of the Bulgarian Red Cross and their good practice of distance learning courses since the beginning of the pandemic. The teachers’ perspective is viewed through the eyes of an Afghan teacher with long practice as a teacher and school director in three countries – Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bulgaria. More about refugee education on a European level could be learned through the experience of the SIRIUS network, the European Policy Network on Migrant Education and further materials exploring different practices including parents’ empowerment and involvement in the education of their children. The new section of the bulletin “ A look into the Experience of the European Universities” features two inspiring programmes, one from the Central European University and the other called “University corridors for refugees” including 11 universities from Italy. The presented good practice “Weekend programme for refugees and asylum seekers” from the Central European University is part of a new collection “Good practices on refugee integration through education and culture” of the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants. Along with the European experience, the issue is pleased to present the Bulgarian experience in two articles revealing the example of the New Bulgarian University. Voices of refugee students are also included about their university experiences and future professional aspirations. The refugee situation in the Republic of Serbia is analysed in the rubric “A Glance over the Border”. The bulletin also presents training and publication opportunities.

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