We present to your attention the Second issue of the Academic Bulletin “Refugees: Today and Tomorrow”.

The second issue of the Academic Bulletin “Refugees: Today and Tomorrow” focuses on the topic of housing policies and practices, presenting a recent study of municipal housing policies as a key to local integration for those who have received international protection in Bulgaria. The topic is complemented by a review of social distances as an obstacle to effective housing policies based on sociological surveys. Other important highlights of the second issue are the topics explaining the legal framework defining the “refugees’ route in Bulgaria” – from crossing the Bulgarian border to obtaining international protection, as well as the refugee status determination procedure itself. Attention is also paid to various initiatives and events that marked the World Refugee Day (June 20) by the academic community and by the practitioners. This issue’s interview tells about the work and experience of the Refugee-Migrant Service of the Bulgarian Red Cross and was conducted with its Program Manager. The story of a refugee features a young Syrian artist who found inspiration in Sofia and is one of the twelve artists in the UNHCR exhibition “Beyond Differences” on the occasion of the World Refugee Day. The bulletin also presents doctoral theses exploring various refugee issues, as well as training and publications opportunities. The Republic of Turkey is presented in the “A Glance over the Border” section.

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