We present to your attention the Newsletter “Integration of Refugees in Bulgaria: Opportunities for Development” for the period July – Septemeber 2020.


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In the publication you will find information on the following topics:



Statistics for granted international protection in Bulgaria for the period July-August 2020


Inclusion of refugee children in the Bulgarian educational system

▪Refugee children and the beginning of the school year

▪Good practices and specifics for working with children seeking and receiving international protection


Development of the potential of the civil society for integration of refugees

▪Information session “Civil society structures for the integration of refugees in Bulgaria”

▪Establishment of an Association of Bulgarian Language Teachers as a Foreign Language


Transfer and experience of good practices

▪ The new issue “Good practices for integration of refugees through education and culture”, developed by Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants


Culture as a common language

▪Aiman Al Hares Exhibition “Shivers from the East”, presented by the Bulgarian Red Cross, UNHCR and the Refugee Advisory Council


Involvement of refugees in the decision-making process and accountability to them

▪ UNHCR – UN Refugee Agency pilot for the first time an online survey of the needs of refugees by age, gender and social group

▪The Refugee Advisory Board with the first project for a campaign to counter the rumours


A new beginning for migration policies in the European Union

▪ Adoption of a new pact on migration and asylum


Participation in the development of sustainable policies at European level

▪Public consultation on the integration and inclusion of migrants and people with a migrant background continues