On 2 February 2017 Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants, Multi Kulti Collective and CERMES teamed up to organize an inspirational intercultural evening in Sofia called “Refugee and Migrant Integration – Innovative Practices”. Among the speakers were Anna Krasteva from CEMRES who presented the Re.Cri.Re Project, Bistra Ivanova and Kina Sabeva who presented NIEM – All In For Integration, Stana Iliev, Neda Sokolovska from Studio for Documentary Theathre VOX POPULI, Diana Nedeva from Caritas, Azhar Alomar, Mathijs le Rutte from UNHCR, Hairi Hamdam.

We’d like to thank all our guests coming from national authorities, international organziations, academia, NGOs, journalists as well as migrants, refugees, volunteers… It was lovely sharing this evening together!

The meeting was co-funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 under the ReCriRe project and EU’s AMIF under the NIEM – All In For Integration project.