In the edition you will find information about:

∙ Number of persons granted international protection for the period January – October 2019. How many refugees live in Bulgaria?

∙ Management of the integration. National Council on Migration, Borders, Asylum and Integration

∙ NIEM – All in for Integration. National Integration Evaluation Mechanism

∙ Academic community in support of refugee integration: initiatives in the new academic year

– Coalition meeting on Bulgarian language and literacy training  of adult refugees in Bulgaria

∙ Training of teachers working with refugee children

∙ Tolerant society for the integration of asylum seekers and beneficiaries  of international protection

∙ 3 October – European Day of Memory and Welcome

∙ Activities of the Bulgarian Red Cross for the integration of resettled and relocated persons

∙ Provision of comprehensive  integration support by Caritas-Sofia and the Council of Refugee Women in Bulgaria

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