We present to your attention the Information Bulletin “Integration of Refugees in Bulgaria: Opportunities for Development” for the period July – September 2021.





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In the issue you will find information on the following topics:


Statistics on international protection granted in Bulgaria for the period January-August 2021, resources for statistical information and information on refugees and the census


 Cooperation with local authorities

▪ Opening of an information and service center for foreigners


Refugee voice

▪ What is the fate of refugees in our country: a first-person account


 Refugee initiatives

▪ Participation of the Refugee Advisory Council in the UNHCR Regional Consultations with NGOs for Europe

▪ New members of the Refugee Advisory Board


 Sustainability of integration

▪ Refugee Financial Inclusion Workshop

▪ From good practices to innovations for integration. Creating a community of innovation


Strengthening partnerships

▪ Information session on social services for refugees

▪Training workshop of Civic Association EVET

Integration of refugees in the labour market

▪Employer and refugee job fair in Harmanli


Vaccination of refugees against COVID-19


Research, planning and accountability

▪Survey of the needs of asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection by age, gender and social group – 2021


Developments at European level

▪ The European Refugee Integration Policy Package: The EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion as a tool to address the gaps. Linking the results of the NIEM to EU action from 2021 to 2027