On March 6, the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants, the Multi Kulti Collective, and the  UNHCR Representation in Bulgaria organized a coalition meeting “ Housing of Refugees: Good Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities for Local Authorities”. During the meeting, the UNHCR Specialization Study on Municipal Housing Policies was presented as a key factor for successful local integration. The study was focused on existing good practices and opportunities for accommodation, as well as on civic registration and funding to support the housing of refugees. Representatives of municipalities and municipal districts, state bodies, and public institutions, as well as experts and practitioners from non-governmental organizations, participated in the event. The meeting provided a platform for exchanging ideas and strengthening cooperation amongst the parties. The Coalition meeting was organized within the implementation of the NIEM – All In For Integration project – National Integration Evaluation Mechanism. Monitoring and improving refugee integration with the  Multi Kulti Collective and the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants as the Bulgarian National Partners.


More information: www.niem.refugee-integration.bg