On 22 January the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants and Multi Kulti Collective in cooperation with UNHCR Bulgaria organized a Coalition meetings with leading representatives from the academia. During the event, the specialized research “Forced displacement & academia. Opportunities  for  universities to promote knowledge  and action  refugee issues” was presented. The meeting provided a forum for discussion on upcoming programs and initiatives  implemented by Bulgarian universities and scientific institutions, as well as university professors and students. Moreover, during the event an Academic Portal on forced migration and refugees was  launched, as an innovative online tool for networking, cooperation and resource sharing amongst  the academic stakeholders. The portal is available online at www.academia.refugee-integration.bg and www.academia.bcrm-bg.org.

The Coalition meeting was organised within the implementation of the NIEM – All In For Integration project – National Integration Evaluation Mechanism. Monitoring and improving refugee integration with the  Multi Kulti Collective and the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants  as the Bulgarian National Partners.


More information: www.niem.refugee-integration.bg