News and events

National Forum “Together Writing the New Stories of Refugee Integration”

New in-depth analysis from NIEM highlights the uneven quality of integration laws and policies for humanitarian status holders

Academic Bulletin “Refugees: Today and Tomorrow” 3(8)

Final of the Age, Gender and Diversity Participatory Assessment (AGD PA) for 2021

Migration and integration: Does the EU live up to its values 11.10.2021, 11:00 – 19:00 CET

Linking NIEM results to the EU Action Plan

Information Bulletin “Integration of Refugees in Bulgaria: Opportunities for Development” for the period July – September 2021.

Opening of a Bureau for Information and Services for Foreign Citizens

Workshop “Financial inclusion of refugees”

Europe’s patchwork of refugee integration policies: The EU Action Plan on Integration and Inclusion as an instrument to address deficiencies. Linking NIEM results to EU action 2021 to 2027