The third (eight) issue of the academic newsletter “Refugees: Today and Tomorrow” is dedicated to women and forced migration. UNHCR data for 2020 show that 47% out of all 84.2 million people who are forced to leave their homes are women. In Bulgaria in 2020, 364 women applied for international protection, with 46 receiving refugee status and 160 humanitarian status. This issue includes articles that, on the one hand, contribute more to the understanding of those that address Bulgarian society to refugee women, and, on the other hand, tell more about themselves. What is the fate of Iranians after the Islamic Revolution, how did the feminist movement emerge in the Arab world, what is it like to be a female journalist from Iran today in an attempt to build a new life in a new country and why a comprehensive approach to international protection is needed in Bulgaria are just some of the topics you can read about in the issue.


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