On June 23, the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants, the Multi Kulti Collective, and the UNHCR Representation in Bulgaria held a Coalition Meeting: The Role of Refugee and Migrant Initiatives for the Integration of Refugees and Migrants in Bulgaria. The meeting provided a forum for presenting the main organizations and structures led by refugees in the field of integration. The agenda of the event included a presentation of the report of the European Integration Website (EWSI): Mapping of leading organizations led by refugees and migrants in the European Union. The other topics included the role of the refugee led organizations for integration of refugees and migrants in Bulgaria, the support to refugee and migrant communities, the way to strengthen links amongst refugee and migrant communities and institutions, as well as the link between refugee and migrant communities and the host society. The event provided an opportunity to discuss initiatives, to identify needs, and to generate ideas for future activities and partnerships. The Coalition Meeting is an attempt by the BCRM and partner organizations to involve refugees in policy making and capacity development of civil society structures for a supportive environment. The event was organized within the implementation of the project NIEM – National Integration Evaluation Mechanism, funded by AMIF of the EC.