News and events 2022

RefuIn – An innovative toolkit for the inclusion of refugees

Adaptation and Integration of Asylum Seekers: Practical Steps for Expanding and Improving Integration Activities in the Centres of the State Agency for Refugees

Newsletter “Integration of Refugees in Bulgaria: Opportunities for Development” October 2022

Teaching Bulgarian as a foreign language: Role of institutions and challenges for practitioners

Second issue of the Academic Bulletin “Refugees: Today and Tomorrow”

Cooperation with the academic community and forum “The academic community and the system for integration and social inclusion of refugees in Bulgaria”

Supporting civil society and refugee organisations at the local level for the integration of refugees: the Academy for the Professional Civil Sector: NGO Governance, Financial Sustainability and Advocacy Engagement

A sociological survey reports the attitudes of Bulgarian society towards refugees – over 62% of Bulgarian citizens have a positive attitude towards refugees in our country

Caught by surprise? How underdeveloped refugee integration policies will impede the integration of those displaced by the war in Ukraine

The Civil Society Sector in Support of Refugees from Ukraine: Challenges, Achievements and Opportunities